Art & Creative Engagement

Skyrocket offers exciting hands-on visual arts classes, experiences & workshops designed to engage students, and develop their creative, social-emotional, and post-secondary skills and well-being.

Current Offerings Include:

10 Unit A-G Visual Arts Class

A 10 unit A-G Visual Arts Class is a comprehensive course that aims to educate students on various aspects of art including creativity, aesthetics, techniques, and history. Through this course, students will learn how to analyze, interpret, and evaluate works of art, both traditional and contemporary. They will also acquire practical skills such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking.

1-Day Immersive Experiences

1-day immersive experiences offer individuals the opportunity to fully engage in a meaningful and transformative activity, without requiring a long-term commitment. These experiences can take many forms, from art and music festivals to themed retreats and workshops.

Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops are collaborative meetings or sessions that take place online, often through video conferencing software. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and accessibility, allowing people to participate from anywhere in the world.

1-Day Staff Art & Wellness Retreat

A 1-day staff art and wellness retreat is a great way to help students relax and recharge, while fostering a sense of team unity. The day could start with a guided meditation or gentle yoga session to center and energize the group. Next, employees could participate in an art class or workshop, either individually or in teams, to encourage creativity and self-expression.

3-Day Visual & Performing Arts Camp

The 3-Day Visual & Performing Arts Camp offers participants a fun and immersive experience in the arts. Over the course of three days, attendees will have the opportunity to take part in workshops and classes on various creative disciplines such as painting, sculpture, drama, dance, and music. Led by experienced professionals in each field, participants will learn techniques and skills that will allow them to express their creativity and discover new talents.

Customized workshops & experiences available upon request

The Benefits of the Arts

Students benefit from the arts in a lot of ways. Research has  shown a significant positive impact on students including improving retention, academic enrichment, social-emotional health, and post-secondary success.

Retention & Engagement

  • Students engaged in the arts are 5x less likely to drop out of school than their peers not engaged in the arts.
  • The arts engage students with diverse intelligences & learning styles, and can re-engage students who have become disconnected, uninvolved, and unmotivated.

Academic Enrichment & Equity

  • Students engaged in the arts have higher GPAs & test scores on average than their peers not engaged in the arts.
  • 91% of Americans believe that K-12 students should have access to a high-quality arts education.
  • However, according to a recent study, only 59% of White students, 28% of African American students, & 26% of Hispanic students have received an arts education in school.


Social-Emotional Health

  • The arts provide students with a means to explore and express their feelings, thoughts, identity, and purpose, as well as develop understanding, appreciation and empathy for other individuals, cultures and ways of life.

Post-Secondary Success

  • Students engaged in the arts are 2x more likely to attend & graduate from college, to volunteer and to vote
  • The arts foster creativity and innovation, the two most important traits for employees to possess, according to 1500 organizational leaders in 80 countries


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