School Culture & Stakeholder Engagement


Trends in student attendance and performance often reflect a school’s culture and level of staff engagement. We strive to help administrators stay informed about what is happening below the surface and behind the scenes at their schools so they can effectively manage their teams and guide students to greater levels of success.

Professional Development

Investing in the development of staff is essential for both teacher and student retention. We will work with you to build a training program that ensures your faculty are equipped to support students in an ever-changing world.

We design custom Professional Development experiences around the unique needs, goals, and pain points of your school community. Examples of topics we’ve tackled for clients include: Pandemic Re-Engagement Strategies, Student Math Anxiety, and Amplifying Student Voice in the Classroom. In addition to tailored topic materials, we can deliver your customized content in a variety of formats: in-person on-site, in-person off-site, live virtual, virtual on-demand, or a hybrid series.

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The goal of the Equity Summit is to provide a necessary space for educators to reflect, learn, share, and practice strategies to better support all students. At Skyrocket, we strive to amplify the voices of all educators committed to developing and engaging in equitable practices.

Interested in presenting?
We’re looking for qualified educators to present on the topic of equity and the summit strands.  Email Maggie at mayala@skyrocket-ed.com to learn more.

Diverse Learning Communities

Here at Skyrocket, we are deeply passionate about advancing the greater educational landscape into one that provides equitable access to every student. We offer short or long-term consulting arrangements to clients who may be looking to increase the effectiveness of their programming for student subgroups, independently or as a part of CA School Improvement Planning.

Special Education Consulting

While we don’t provide any direct-to-student services, Skyrocket is available to consult with school administrators on improvements to Special Education systems of support and representation.

Special Education Local Plan Area

Depending on your unique needs, Skyrocket can assist with the transition to a new SELPA and or act as a representative of your school or district for SELPA related matters.

SELPA applications

Meeting attendance


Simple measures to safeguard your school

The Skyrocket Special Education Department can support you with recommendations to improve your data management procedures and reduce the incidence of credible legal claims. Additionally, we consult on:

Matters of due process

Policy development, ie. Child Find

Mandated reports

Your trusted adviser for all things SpEd

You can rely on us to keep you informed of state-level legislative changes or educational code revisions that impact Special Education requirements.

Video and email announcements

Staff training and PD

Ongoing SpEd staff support and mentorship

English Learner Program Consulting

Whether you’re experiencing the need to expand your program from an increase in enrollment of English learners or the need to identify effective strategies to support English learner student outcomes in your school-wide plans, the Skyrocket ELD team can help! We offer in-depth expertise in English language program design to ensure you meet all your accountability requirements while offering a robust set of English language development options.


ELD Master Plans

Consult with us to craft your ELD Master Plan so that it details all your program elements and with the confidence that it aligns with state and federal guidelines.


Program Design

From curriculum selection to compliance processes, we will work with you so that your ELD program is not only comprehensive, but tailored to fit the needs of your students.



Feel confident that your students are are receiving the appropriate services and that staff are properly trained to administer proficiency assessments. Experiencing a Federal Progress Monitoring audit? Give us a call!


Staff Training

From topics such as SIOP methods and parent committees to reclassification protocols and post monitoring tools, we can build a customized training plan to meet your unique needs.

Climate Analysis

Creating a baseline for understanding school climate requires in-depth analyses of stakeholder (teachers, staff, students, parents) perceptions. For this purpose, we’re fans of employing dynamic qualitative surveys and comparing the results across various subgroups and social determinants.

One of the benefits of partnering with Skyrocket for this work is that we can compare the results of your school stakeholder surveys to similar surveys we’ve performed for other clients, as well as to national standards (such as those utilized in Gallup Student Polls), allowing us to produce a dimensional appraisal of your school’s performance in key areas.

Survey & Analysis Process

Additional Analysis Methods

In addition to quantitive surveys to assess school climate, Skyrocket specialized in the collection and analysis of several types of data:

You may wish to use quantitative surveys to establish benchmarks prior to a major initiative rollout, and at various milestones during and after completion to measure the project’s impact or reception.


Qualitative data can augment quantitative findings by digging deeper into the why and how of a topic. Common modalities include one-on-one interviews, stakeholder focus groups, and observational studies of school community operations and activities.
If you are considering expansion or having trouble with recruitment, we can provide an assessment of competitive saturation and identify potential market opportunities.
With advanced mapping software, we can analyze any geographical data (population density, custom address lists, transportation routes, municipal boundaries, etc.) to produce recommendations regarding prospective campus properties.
Let us know the topic you have in mind and we’ll find a way (or many ways) to tackle it!

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