For Entry into Skilled Trades

The Construction Pathway provides students with the foundational skills required for entry into construction and related industries such as carpentry, electrical, and solar energy. Courses fulfill CA F-level Fine Arts requirement. Participants will earn:

Level 2 Carpenters Union Certificate

OSHA Certification

Apprenticeship and paid job placement opportunities

Digital Skills for a Digital World

The IT Pathway is perfect for students considering post-secondary training in computer networking, system architecture, software programming, or website development. Courses fulfill CA HS Technology requirement. Participants will earn:

Experience building a server

G-Suite proficiency

A+/Comp TIA ITF Certification

Driven by the Desire to Help

The Nursing Pathway emphasizes knowledge in anatomy and physiology and prepares students for occupations in healthcare that top the U.S. Department of Labor’s list of highest growth jobs. Courses fulfill CA D-level Science requirement. Participants will earn:

Partnered with Prestige College and City of Hope

CPR AED Certification

CNA test preparation